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Старый 18.07.2011, 19:10   #1
Регистрация: 22.06.2011
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По умолчанию Бот долго думает

Мои таймауты
# You shouldn't need to modify these variables
# If you want to really mess up the bot, go ahead
# The value of each variable is reffered as "x".

# Server connection timeouts
master 12
gamelogin 12
charlogin 12
maplogin 12
play 40
# When disconnected, wait x seconds before reconnecting again
reconnect 30

# Activate AI after x seconds after the map's loaded
ai 0.5

ai_move_retry 0.2
ai_move_giveup 1.5

# Send the attack packet every x seconds, if it hasn't been send already
ai_attack 0.2
ai_homunculus_attack 1

# Check for monsters to attack every x seconds
ai_attack_auto 0.2

# Give up attacking a monster if it can't be reached within x seconds
ai_attack_giveup 3

# If you've just killed a monster, and there are no aggressives,
# and you're not picking up any items, wait x seconds before doing
# anything else.
ai_attack_waitAfterKill 0.2
ai_attack_unstuck 2.75
ai_attack_unfail 5

# Pause for the specified number of seconds after taking something,
# it increases the interval between taking several items and between
# taking the last item and continuing the actions.
ai_items_take_delay 1.4

# When your monster died, start checking for loot after x seconds
ai_items_take_start 0.4

# Stop checking for loot x seconds after it has begun checking
ai_items_take_end 1.2

# When standing near an item, send the 'take' packet every x seconds until
# the item has been taken.
ai_take .4

# Give up if unable to pickup item after x seconds
ai_take_giveup 3
ai_items_gather_giveup 3

# Every x seconds, check items for gathering
ai_items_gather_auto .3

# Only gather items that have been more than x seconds on screen
ai_items_gather_start .3

ai_follow_lost_end 10
ai_getInfo 1
ai_thanks_set 8
ai_dealAuto 3
ai_dealAutoCancel 5
ai_partyAutoDeny 3
ai_guildAutoDeny 3
ai_dead_respawn 4
ai_wipe_old 200
ai_wipe_check 30

# Send the sit/stand packet at most every x second
ai_sit 1
# Sit after having idled for x seconds
ai_sit_idle 10
# Stand after x seconds, after having typed the 'stand' command
ai_stand_wait 0
# Sit after x seconds, after having typed the "sit" command
ai_sit_wait 0
# If there are non-party players around and you are to stand up due to the
# hp/sp sufficiency, do so when the specified number of seconds elapsed
ai_safe_stand_up 2

ai_skill_use 0.2
ai_skill_use_giveup 1
ai_item_use_auto 0.5
ai_item_equip_auto 0.75
ai_equipAuto_skilluse_giveup 5
ai_equip_giveup 2

ai_teleport 0.2
ai_teleport_away 0.3
ai_teleport_idle 0.2
ai_teleport_portal 0.5
ai_teleport_hp 0.5
ai_teleport_safe_force 120

ai_teleport_retry 0.5
ai_teleport_delay 0.5

# You probably don't ever have to change the following timeouts
ai_route_calcRoute 1
ai_route_npcTalk 0.5

ai_buyAuto 5
ai_buyAuto_giveup 15
ai_buyAuto_wait 2
ai_buyAuto_wait_buy 5

ai_sellAuto 2
ai_sellAuto_giveup 15
ai_storageAuto 0.5
ai_storageAuto_giveup 15
# delay between sending cart item add/get packets
ai_cartAuto 0.15

# delay between checking if we need to do any cartAuto functions
ai_cartAutoCheck 2
ai_avoidcheck 0.5
ai_shop 4

# delay between repairAuto
ai_repair 4

# delay before starting escape sequence
ai_route_escape 8

# Don't change the following timeouts!
ai_sync 12

injectSync 5
injectKeepAlive 12
welcomeText 4
patchserver 120
проблема в том, что бот долго думает между убийствами цели, примерно 1-2 секунды
в чем может быть загвоздка? макс каст тайм на даблы я не ставил, бот решает сам

сервер nw-ro.net

port 6912
master_version 25
version 301
serverType kRO_RagexeRE_2010_06_29a
charBlockSize 112
serverEncoding Russian

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